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Are You a Social Media Enthusiast or Addict?

For years, Dr. Caroline Leaf has traveled the globe as an author and public speaker examining many aspects of the neuroscience world. As a leading Brain and Learning Specialist she discusses many things from controlling your thought life to managing stress.

via Are You a Social Media Enthusiast or Addict?.


Be a People Person by John C.Maxwell

It is a great book by John C. Maxwell. You probably have heard of him as one of the most successful leadership coaches. He coaches or trains business people and different politicians to work with a team. It is the first relationship book he wrote, and it’s loaded with life-changing and enriching principles for interacting positively with family, friends, colleagues and clients.


Be a People Person is definitely a good choice for you if you are interested in discovering and developing your quality of an effective people person. I would certainly recommend it as a development and improvement reading. I haven’t read it all yet though, but it is my must-read for the winter vacation