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Thanks for this fabulous year, everybody!



                         It has been a great study year, it has been very cool, but challenging as well.
         Thanks for everything – for the inspiration and your awesomeness, and all the challenges you kept throwing at me  And I am looking forward to see you in September again!  Now is the time for holiday and fun for us all. On my way now


This 13-year-old entrepreneur is out to change the world: A Q&A with Maya Penn


TED Blog


Maya Penn is a tiny, vibrant force of nature. She’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion designer, animator, blogger, writer and illustrator. She runs a budding eco-friendly fashion business and a nonprofit for environmental awareness, and her mind churns constantly with new creative projects. And we should probably mention — Maya is only 13.

Maya’s story began with a humble piece of fabric she found lying around the house. She transformed that little scrap into a zebra-print headband embellished with a butterfly. She called it “Zebra Fly.” That experiment led to more handcrafted accessories, and soon, she was getting stopped on the street by admirers who wanted to know where she bought them. That was when she knew she had stumbled onto something big.

Those passing comments from strangers planted a bold idea in Maya’s head, and at the ripe old age of eight, she decided to launch a fashion…

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